Fundamental Analysis

This course is designed to benefit people who are interested in steady and long term growth.  The purpose is to take a swift path to create wealth. Professionals who wish to learn how to invest, construct & manage individual portfolios and become self sufficient in managing their own Funds. Individuals at all levels who wish to learn fundamental analysis and analysis beyond valuations are welcomed for the course.

Beginner Level  |  3 months Duration  |  INR 20000

Topics covered under this course are:

Knowing the Basics of the Market:
  • History and development of Market.

  • Statistics and governing Bodies.

  • Platforms.

  • Sources of Information.

  • Myths and facts.

  • Mental Preparations

Introduction to Fundamental Analysis:
  • Concept and meaning of Fundamental Analysis and Equity Research.

  • Purpose and advantages.

  • Porter's Five Forces Analysis and SWOT Analysis

  • Factors of  Fundamental Analysis

  • How to Read the Balance Sheet

  • How to Read the Profit & Loss Account.

  • Analysing Cash Flows.

Ratio Analysis:
  • Introduction to Ratios

  • Importance of Ratio Analysis.

  • Debt Equity Ratio

  • Current Ratio.

  • Turnover Ratio.

  • Gross Profit Ratio.

  • DSCR.

  • ISCR.

  • Liquidity Ratios

Equity Valuation:
  • Introduction to Valuation

  • Concept of Risk Return

  • Valuation of Shares

  • Free Cash Flows

  • DCF Method

  • DDM Method

  • Estimating Cost of Capital

  • Relative Valuation

  • Practical Example of Relative Valuation

Course taken by

Ashok Dugar, CA | Phone: +91 9414065071

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